I'm Chris Hayes, a dev who loves design, open-source, and ai.



🚧 I build with.. Next.JS, 11ty, Alpine, Tailwind, Shopify, and WebGL.

🔥 Big fan of.. open-source, design, AI, and F1.

🔭 Lastest project.. is to use coolify to manage my self-hosted sites.

🌱 Currently learning.. to build NextJS sites with builder.io.


🐘 fosstodon - 📸 pixelfed - 🐉 bookwyrm

I'm on Mastodon, but if you're in the New Haven CT area, join us on the newhaven.io discord server.


I wrote about a few hobby projects in 💻 projects. Most are on my 🐙 github.


This site is built with 11ty, styled by tailwind, made dynamic with alpine.

Managed with coolify.io, hosted on hetzner, behind cloudflare.

Read about why 11ty with alpine, or my move to hetzner and coolify.

Edit this page on github .