The Ancient Game of Ur

Bringing an ancient game to the modern web

After watching Tom Scott's video about "The Game of Ur", a centuries-old game, I felt inspired to build a digital version of it. It looked pretty fun.


The project is currently hosted on surge.sh, which I chose as a way to familiarize myself with diverse hosting services. Although Surge is convenient for its free tier, I may switch to Netlify or Vercel for their additional features.


As for the technology stack, I used Angular 6, THREE.js, Bootstrap, Angular Material, and SASS.


Bootstrap and Angular Material were used to speed up the creation of the user interface. This would however be one of the last projects I use Bootstrap on. I've since moved to TailwindCSS for its utility-first approach.

3D Elements

The 3D dice were modeled with TinkerCAD. I then exported them as OBJ files that I could render with THREE.js. This was a fun way to learn to use TinkerCAD for modeling.


I've always enjoyed doing image work in Inkscape. I used it to create the SVGs for the game's chip pieces.

Future Plans

My long-term plan for early.games is to include more games from antiquity, as a sort of fun and educational project about history.


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